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I think this opening is just really pretty.

I need to get my photoshop back (or a new one) and just agjhuksgjilokfpgl

So according to photosets of the DVD, the new Nagito DVD is out and I’m obviously freaking out a little bit because I’ve been waiting for this since my friend told me there was going to be a new one and just wow really I’m way too excited over a porn star but I don’t even care, and my main thing is:

I missed a lot while I was in London.

I mean it’s good that my trip distracted me from things, but damn, I return and all this new stuff about all my interests is happening

I can’t scream about this on my personal blog because of my boyfriend and other friends reading the posts and that would be weird, so just let me say here that I am excited and I’ll go through the trouble of getting a new photoshop for this

excuse me while I die


"Hello, my name is Nagito and it’s a pleasure to meet you. The hotel I’m working at is pretty dead at the moment, so I’ve been looking for some people to occupy my time with while I’m waiting for some guests to check in.

I’m sorry, I’m not really a prostitute anymore, but I promise I’ll still do my best to satisfy you if you ask. And please don’t be shy to approach me, I won’t hurt you.”

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Also, please don’t repost my gifs without credit (on even with credit, honestly,) because you may not believe it, but it takes a while to make them look nice for tumblr’s stupid uploading rules, and I’d appreciate it if you’d just reblog mine instead of reposting as your own.

Seriously, you’re not fooling me, it’s the EXACT same gif at the same size with the same frames and the same black line at the top where I messed up. 

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