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"Hello, my name is Nagito and it’s a pleasure to meet you. The hotel I’m working at is pretty dead at the moment, so I’ve been looking for some people to occupy my time with while I’m waiting for some guests to check in.

I’m sorry, I’m not really a prostitute anymore, but I promise I’ll still do my best to satisfy you if you ask. And please don’t be shy to approach me, I won’t hurt you.”

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Also, please don’t repost my gifs without credit (on even with credit, honestly,) because you may not believe it, but it takes a while to make them look nice for tumblr’s stupid uploading rules, and I’d appreciate it if you’d just reblog mine instead of reposting as your own.

Seriously, you’re not fooling me, it’s the EXACT same gif at the same size with the same frames and the same black line at the top where I messed up. 

My excitement about Nagito’s return is causing slight enthusiasm about JGV again, so this weekend I will attempt to get photoshop/imageready on my new laptop, get all the avi conversion software just in case Photoshop only accepts uncompressed avis again, and attempt to transfer most of my porn collection over to this laptop. (This is all if I go home of course.) then I can also find some new GIF material to work with since I’ll have unlimited data.

Sorry for my recent inactivity, I have a new laptop and I’m in University now, so all my clips and my ability to make GIFs are at home on my old laptop. I still have a lot of un-GIFed clips though, so when I go home, I’ll be sure so make some~

Now I’m not really a fan Acceed films, but the boys in Hanamichi were pretty cute~ Possibly expect clips of them!

Also going to get my Precious Haruma downloaded again so I can finally make those cute gifs!

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